What is PEAK Hydrate?
PEAK Hydrate is a healthy performance drink filled with fast-absorbing, body-friendly ionic minerals. It's paleo friendly, vegan, and kosher.

What's not in PEAK Hydrate?
There's no sugar, no carbs, no calories, no caffeine, no gluten, no GMO’s, no dairy, no artificial dyes, and no negative vibes in PEAK Hydrate.

 What are ionic minerals?
Ionic minerals are vital nutrients essential for healthy cells and nearly impossible to get from today’s modern diet.  Our ionic minerals are charged up and ready to be instantly and easily absorbed into the body.

Why are ionic minerals so important?
The human body can’t make vitamins and minerals on its own. And over the past three decades, environmental change and aggressive modern farming has stripped most soils of their natural balance of minerals, making vital nutrients hard to come by in even a “healthy” diet. This is why 90% of Americans suffer from mineral imbalances and deficiencies. Drinking PEAK Hydrate regularly can help you replenish any lack of minerals you might have in your body.

What's the science behind PEAK Hydrate?
When you decrease the size of any nutrient, you increase its effectiveness and potency. So unlike today’s traditional vitamins and supplements that use isolates and are large in form and hard for our bodies to digest, the small and mighty ionic minerals in PEAK Hydrate are nano-sized, charged, and ready to be instantly absorbed into the blood stream.

What are the benefits of PEAK Hydrate?
: Our ionic minerals are charged and ready to be instantly absorbed into the body.
: Feel an immediate increase in energy levels, overall performance and mental clarity.
: Our proprietary formula lifts you up with the pure, all-natural science of mother nature.
: Naturally energize without stimulants like caffeine or sugar.

How should I drink PEAK Hydrate?
We recommend drinking PEAK Hydrate chilled. 

When should I drink PEAK Hydrate?
PEAK Hydrate is the perfect alternative to sugary sports drinks or anything that gives you a fake “high” because of their artificial and unnatural ingredients.  Perfect for a natural performance boost at the gym, on the field, in the office, with the kids and everywhere else you want to crush life.

Who should drink PEAK Hydrate?
Anyone who wants their body to thrive. It’s 100% safe and stimulant free without anything artificial.

Where is PEAK Hydrate made?
PEAK Hydrate is formulated, bottled and packaged in Southern California.